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Need some material to help convince Leadership to move towards Agile? Cue the superhero music, because we got you covered!


While doing my daily research of new and upcoming trends on Agile, I stumbled back upon this oldie (it's so 2022), but goodie, from Entrepreneur titled "Go Agile or Go Home: Why Agile Workflow Should Kill the Waterfall Process for Good". You should definitely read it, it is chockfull of great information. But I'll share my favorite excerpt below if you are sparse for time. 

"Traditional waterfall and agile methodologies stand in opposition to each other on basic levels. With a waterfall, everything happens in a straight line. You set the goal, and your team has to finish one stage of the project before moving on to the next one. If any issues crop up, everyone has to go back, pinpoint what went wrong, and make fixes before they can continue. The expectation is that you'll have a deliverable at the end of each stage.

With agile, this all flips. Teams can work in sprints on different parts of the project simultaneously. Deliverables are not necessarily required at each point. Workers troubleshoot and make changes as they go.

Because agile allows for on-the-fly analysis and adjustments, it enjoys a strong advantage in that it allows you to readily adapt to whatever circumstances life and the world throw at your business. National Public Radio (NPR) demonstrates an example of this: The broadcast network initially took a waterfall approach to shows, investing heavily in programs they thought would work and doing big launches. When NPR ran into budget problems (as so many companies do), they took an agile approach and started doing small pilots on a more local level instead."

Great information, right? But it's not mind-blowing. We know Agile can improve so many things in your organization - it just takes time, effort, and Leadership support to get you there. Below are 6 additional resources to help you better understand Business Agility and maybe convince that boss of yours, it's time to make a change.

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