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Business Agility Consulting 

Your Business Agility Partner

The promise of Business Agility is compelling: productivity, speed, and customer satisfaction.  So why don’t more Organizations embrace it? Why is it so elusive? The answer is it is hard work.  The path to transformation is littered with Organizations stalled and frustrated or worse, abandoned altogether.  It is estimated that more than 70% of business transformations fail.*  

One of the leading reasons for this failure is inexperience with managing transformational efforts.  That’s why Project Brilliant offers a complete Business Agility consulting program for organizations of all sizes.

No matter what stage of transformation you might be in, having an experienced partner by your side is one of the best ways to improve your return on investment. The team at Project Brilliant is staffed with experienced practitioners, trainers, and advisors. Benefit from the collective wisdom of our industry-leading experts while navigating the real-world challenges of transformation.


Successful Together

When you engage with Project Brilliant, we become natural extensions of your Team. Working with every level of the Organization, from executive leadership down to individual team members, we guide a true cultural shift that unlocks the full potential of Agile across your entire Organization.


The core of any Agile Organization is cross-functional and collaborative Teams.  Focus on Predictability, Productivity, and Quality with best practices and transparency to work in progress.


Agile Managers are the key to unlocking a successful workplace.  Watch Employee Engagement and Continuous Improvement skyrocket with the support of these critical roles.


A culture of Innovation, Customer Satisfaction, and Market Responsiveness begins with the C-Suite.  Demonstrate a commitment to lasting change with support from Executive Leadership.

*Perspectives on Transformation, McKinsey & Company

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